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Virtual Accessibility

Accessibility and museum-created 3D digital environments


Surface Impression R&D Project 2017/2018

Virtual reality (VR) is back in fashion and firmly on the agenda for many museums. But can VR (and  augmented reality [AR]) really be a means to make museum spaces and knowledge accessible for visitors where mobility is an issue – and can VR environments themselves be made accessible to people with different impairments and needs? Using a range of museums and heritage projects as case studies, Surface Impression is undertaking an action research project into these questions, exploring museum-generated 3D digital environments, and investigating ways to create projects and exhibits that allow access to anyone who crosses our physical and digital thresholds.

If you work for a museum and would like to propose your 3D project as a case study, or you are interested in implementing accessibility enhancements in your 3D projects, please contact:

UK: Peter Pavement – peterp@surfaceimpression.com
Canada: Dr Amy Hetherington – amy@surfaceimpression.com